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To provide a small, portion-controlled daily sweet treat to subscribers, allowing them to satisfy their sweet tooth without overeating or overspending.

Sole Product, UX/UI and Graphic Designer.


The inability to stop eating sweets once one starts is a common problem and can be caused by psychological factors, spikes in insulin and other hormones, addiction and the availability and constant exposure to sweets. The carefully portioned treats, variety of options, and daily delivery make nbbl appealing to those looking to enjoy sweet treats in moderation.

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Stopping after one bite can be difficult for many people who struggle with overeating sweets, as it involves overcoming cravings and overcoming habits. The taste of sweets can be addictive, making it difficult to stop after one bite. Eating sweets has become a habit for some people, and breaking this habit can be challenging. Cravings for sweets can be strong. Eating sweets provides comfort and relieves stress for some people making it difficult to stop after one bite.

The combination of high demand, marketing, convenience, emotional connection, and lack of awareness contributes to a significant amount of spending on sweets in the US.


Subscribers to nbbl receive one small sweet treat per day, delivered to their mailbox. Treats are carefully selected and portioned to provide just the right amount of sweetness without overindulging. Treats are varied and are available at two price points, a classic subscription and gourmet subscription.

Subscribers will receive a daily dose of sweetness without the risk overindulging or overspending.

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